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Embrace the Luxury Lifestyle with the Essence Vault: Men, Women and Home Fragrances Collection

Make your audience feel your story by using fragrance. Take them on an olfactory voyage through smells using simple words. Stories that relate to their daily lives make aromas relatable. To appeal to fragrance experts and beginners, simplify perfume language. Ask readers about their smell memories and preferences. By creating your site a fragrant refuge of simplicity, you’ll build a lovely relationship with your audience, making them excited for each fragrance journey.

The Introduction of the Essence Vault:

Taking the lid off the Essence Vault, which is an excellent trove of smells for everyone? Think of it as a magical spot where wonderful smells come to life. Behind these locked doors lies the very heart and soul of smells. Think of it as a cozy place where your favorite smells are kept in order so they are easy to find. Inside every scent is a unique story ready to be told.

It’s like an excellent library but for your nose! Let in a world of pleasant smells that are easy to get to. The Essence Vault is here to make your journey through scents easy, fun, and full of beautiful gifts. Explore and enjoy the magic.

“It Was a Pleasure to Work With Inspired By Bleecker Street at the Essence Vault”

Working with INSPIRED BY BLEECKER STREET at the Essence Vault was a pleasure. The smell took me on a cozy trip and made me think of busy city life. Its warm notes wrapped around me and made me feel at ease. I had a personal link, like a memorable trip through streets I knew. This scent made my trip to the Essence Vault unique and memorable.

“It Was Magical To Work With Inspired By Black Orchid – 19 at the Essence Vault”

Working with INSPIRED BY BLACK ORCHID-19 at the Essence Vault was magical. It smelled like a velvet evening and wrapped me in a soft hug. Its deep notes had a mysterious allure that remained just a bit. In a way, it felt like I was entering a secret park. This scent made my visit to Essence Vault a beautiful and engaging experience.

“The Time I Spent At the Essence Vault with Inspired By Lime, Basil, and Mandarin”

The time I spent at the Essence Vault with INSPIRED BY LIME, BASIL, and MANDARIN – 210 – 25 HOUR CANDLE was like a vacation. The tangy lemon notes made me feel better right away and made the room feel lively and energizing. It gave me a boost of energy, like a warm day stuck in a jar. Thanks to this scent, my visit to Essence Vault was bright and energizing.

The Entire Collection of the Essence Vault:

Explore the whole Essence Vault collection. Each smell is a hidden gem just waiting to be found. Crafted carefully, each scent is like a story ready to take you away. There is a wide range of options, from cozy and familiar to exciting and foreign.

The room is easy to get around because the scents are neatly arranged for your pleasure. This is a treasure chest that turns your journey through the senses into an easy, fun, and memorable experience. You can expect the Essence Vault collection to add magic and joy to your everyday life.


Here is the beautiful INSPIRED BY BLEECKER STREET – 673 at Essence Vault! This scent was made to bring you the lively spirit of city life. It’s like getting a warm hug from city adventures. It smells like busy streets and cozy spots, with notes that make you want to stay.

Imagine walking down Bleecker Street and being greeted by a pleasant mix of old and new sounds. Let this scent be your trip in a bottle, and every day at the Essence Vault will be a lively and happy adventure.

The Best Layers Of Top, Middle and Base Notes:

  • Citrus Zing: The top notes are full of lively citrus, waking you up immediately and energizing you.
  • Flower Harmony: As the soft middle notes emerge, a flower symphony plays, giving the scent an elegant and alluring touch.
  • Warm Embrace: As you go through it, the base notes wrap you in a warm, calming embrace that stays with you.
  • City Vibes in a Bottle: Each spirit is like going on a mini-adventure in the city, capturing the lively spirit of Bleecker Street.
  • Zest, Bloom, and Comfort: This scent combines zest, floral bloom, and warming warmth to make a pleasant and complete smell experience.
  • Unforgettable Layers: INSPIRED BY BLEECKER STREET – 673 is a must-have for anyone looking for a bright and happy scent trip because the layers unfold like a captivating story.


INSPIRED BY BLACK ORCHID – 19 is a beautiful piece from the Essence Vault line. Imagine going into a hidden garden and letting this scent tell you it’s magical story. It wraps you in a luxurious hug with rich and mysterious notes. It’s an elegant and captivating experience.

This scent turns your Essence Vault experience into a classy affair, leaving behind a lasting image of beauty and mystery that will last forever. Give in to the allure of INSPIRED BY BLACK ORCHID – 19 for a simple but stylish scent escape.

The Best Layers Of Top, Middle and Base Notes:

  • Having zest Thanks for coming. Get a boost of energy in the morning as the top notes reveal a lively symphony of citrus, setting the stage for a lively experience.
  • Flower Elegance: Dive into a flowery melody with middle notes that add a bit of elegance, making a beautiful blend that captivates and uplifts.
  • “Cozy City Nights”: The base notes of INSPIRED BY BLEECKER STREET – 673 make you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket, making it the perfect scent for both busy days and cosy nights.


The INSPIRED BY LIME, BASIL, AND MANDARIN – 210 – 25 HOUR CANDLE is a new and refreshing addition to the Essence Vault line. Imagine a bright burst of tangy citrus notes dancing with the sweet scents of basil and mandarin.

This candle adds energy and brightness to any room, making it feel more alive. INSPIRED BY LIME, BASIL, AND MANDARIN is an excellent choice for people looking for a lively and energizing atmosphere in the Essence Vault. It will bring you moments of freshness.

The Best Layers Of Top, Middle and Base Notes:

  • Citrus Zing: Add a burst of energy to the room with the zesty top notes of lime. This scent will instantly make everyone feel better.
  • Herbal Harmony: Dip into the excellent middle notes where basil and orange combine to make a lovely herbal harmony that wakes and draws you in.
  • Freshness That Lasts: The base notes leave a fresh impression that lasts, making sure that INSPIRED BY LIME, BASIL, AND MANDARIN – 210 – 25 HOUR CANDLE makes every moment in the Essence Vault lively and energizing.


Essentially, Essence Vault is your fragrant haven, filled with delightful scents that elevate everyday moments into special ones. It’s the best place to go on fun sensory adventures because the smells are easy to get to, and the stories are fascinating. Find the magic inside, enjoy it, and hold on to it.

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